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Constant updates on new golf tips to improve your golf game! I post any new methods we used to resolve a specific golf swing fault. I'm always searching for a better way to communicate improvements in our student's golf games. As an added bonus we have golf comedy clips from our radio show on ESPN and tips for doing business while on the golf course. Golf is the game of business...start golf networking!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Golf Tips On Club Selection

Below is a video of our workshop lesson on golf club selection at Pendleton this last Saturday.  It's not as simple as, "what did you hit George?"

Here's the process you might want to consider:

1) You have to play with the same golf ball all the time!  Find a golf ball you like and can afford.  I prefer a golf ball that spins.  Please stay away from anything that claims to go straight.  Most of your scoring is from 80 yards and in and a no spin ball will run across the green and cost you more strokes than that slice in somebody's back yard you're worried about.

2) Find a time when the golf course is not busy to hit a few balls at a par three or go out to the driving range when it's not busy and use your exact golf ball and preferably have a friend stand out on the range and mark where the balls lands.  I would start out with something like an eight iron.  Maybe even a nine or pitching wedge.

3) Develop an even and consistent tempo to your swing.  Swinging too hard will cause inconsistencies in your distance control.  It's just as bad to be 30 feet short or past as it is to be 30 feet to the right or left.  As Nicklaus would say, "swing within yourself."

4) Check the lie angles and lofts on your golf clubs.  Each golf club should be exactly four degrees difference in loft.  Example, 5 iron 28 degrees loft a six iron 32 degrees of loft.  Faulty loft readings on your golf clubs will make it very difficult for you to be consistent in distance from club to club..

5) I take every opportunity to throttle back on speed, (take a four iron and swing easy rather than hit a five iron hard).  There is less chance of a poor contact with the ball at impact when you swing easy which effects your distance and spin control significantly.

Here's the video below in Part 1 and Part 2.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Golf Swing Anaysis Zach Johnson

Here is an analysis of this weeks winner on tour, Zach Johnson.  He is a body turning type of swing but more importantly he is a very very nice guy.  A positive influence on the people he meets and an example many other players on tour should follow.

Notice how he rotates on his spine.  Yes there is good and bad to this method, just like any other.  If he maintains his spine angle throughout the swing he will be consistent.  Downside is he might not be a long hitter, (averages 276.4 off the tee) and he might have some back issues later in life, maybe.  I'm not a Doctor or Chiropractor and each individual has their own issues when it comes to good health and sports injuries.

Again, the best part of this fine golfers is his attitude and Christian foundation.  It's always fun to root for the good guys!

Please, Adam Scott...Say It Isn't So!

Yes, once again, it is the mental part of this game that will jump up and bite you and especially in a major.  Maybe you noticed in the early part of the round Adam was putting very hesitant, leaving everything short.  As Vince Allen used to day, "he's already taking the gas!"  I would say, "the defensive team is on the field."

Golf is no different than any other sport.  A football team gets ahead 21-3 at half time and comes out in the second half playing conservative and looses 24-21.  (Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins) That is exactly what happened here.

How many times have we seen this scenario before.  How about the Shark, Greg Norman, when he lost the Masters with an eight stroke lead going into the last day.  Back in 1973 I was lucky enough to have the honor of spending an entire week with Jimmy Demeret.  He told me that whenever he would tighten up and get nervous he would just say to himself, "they can't electrocute me if I play bad so relax and let it rip."

Adam Scott would have played differently if he only had a one stroke lead going into the last day, believing he needed to make birdies.  He played not to loose from the beginning! With a swing like this, why gag on the greens?  See a swing analysis below.

Here's the tip of the day.  How you think, will control how you play!  In fact, Gary Player used to say, "the difference between good players and great players is the way they think."  Yes folks, it's only a game.  Don't feel too sorry for Adam, considering he just bought a Golfstream jet for about 25 million bucks.

You want pressure?  Try doing night patrol in Iraq in over 100 degree weather.  What if your credit cards are maxed to the limit and your kids are sick.  That's pressure!

When you're playing golf remember it's only a game.  There are far more important things in life.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Golf Tip On The Proper Body Turn and Release

Here's a video we took yesterday of one of our favorite students.  Another great Hokie from Virginia.  John  has been working very hard on his golf swing and has come a long way since we first started.  He's getting to the finishing touches now and is only a split second off where he needs to be.

What we do cover here in this video is something that is not covered enough.  The plane of the shoulders vs. the hips at impact.  The shoulders are on a much steeper plane at impact than the hips.  Golfers tend to rotate their upper body on the same plane as the hips.  That's baseball! With golf, the ball is on the ground. 

Watch this video.  It may be an eye opener for you.  Visit our site for more tips and sample videos.  Our new website should be up and running by Wednesday, (cross your fingers) and will include even more videos to help your golf game.  Don't forget our new Unlimited lesson Program for $19 per month.  You can see the details on our website.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Every Golfer's Dream...Shoot Your Age!

Well, Bill Wagner, (student/member of Quick Fix Golf) shot better than his age!  Bill is a very youthful 74 years young and shot a 71 at Providence golf course this past week.  Yes a 71!  Worse, yet he is going to improve even more!  After taking a lesson this week, (he was smart to come in after shooting the 71 to see what he was doing well) we found more room for improvement.

Bill is a pastor of a Baptist Church in Richmond and quite a Gent.  A student of the game and always asking questions, which I like.  When students ask questions it toggles my feeble brain, which makes sure I cover all the information you need and deserve.

All the best Pastor and maybe before the year is out we can boast of a 69 or better. (Oh yea, that no man should boast, sorry)

Hey, Bobby:

I want to give credit where credit is due.  Last night at Patterson you gave me pointers on my grip, backswing, and hip turn.  I tried to put them into practice today at Providence Golf Club and guess what--I shot a 71.  This included one eagle and three birds!  Three shots under my age!  Thanks for your patience with an old cogger. 

Hoorah!  (A little Marine Corps lingo there.)

Bill Wagner

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golf Injury and Back Pain Effects Pros Golfers & Amateurs Alike

The three major causes of golf injuries are:

1) Postural instability

2) Lack of flexibility

3) Misaligned swing mechanics

The golf swing requires the spine to rotate, bend laterally and extend. This requires flexibility that is golf specific.

Golfers suffer from a variety of injuries. Below I have listed the most common injuries for the PGA and LPGA.

PGA: Low Back Pain (25%), Left Wrist (16.1%), Left Shoulder (10.9%), Left Knee (7%), Left Hand (6%)

LPGA: Left Wrist (31.3%), Lower Back (22.4%), Left Hand (7.5%), Left Knee (6%)

Here is a list of common causes of golfing injuries: Amateur and professional: most common is repetitive practice. Amateurs, poor swing mechanics is the 2nd most common. Swing faults are responsible for both amateurs and pros joint complex dysfunction and de-conditioning syndrome. Increased club lengths have contributed as an injury promoter.

Back Pain: Due to the notorious X-Factor as much as 8 times the normal force is put into your low back during a golf swing. The golf swing subjects the lower back to rapid, complex, and intense loading patterns. The lower back must contend with significant lateral bending, shear, compression, and torsional forces. For example, the golf swing generates a peak compression load of more than eight times the body weight in both amateurs and professionals, whereas running and rowing only generate four and seven times body weight, respectively. It is not surprising that 62% of golfers will incur an injury directly related to the sport.

If you would like a FREE Special Report on how to avoid golf injury just go to my website at and sign in for our mailing list and I'll send it out FREE!

Take a look at this video of a golfer that was experiencing back and wrist pain and now with some minor swing changes no longer has the ill effect.

Friday, June 22, 2012

What Quick Fix Golf Is All About.

Just a very short video to esplain, (no that's NOT a mis-spelling) to you exactly what Quick Fix Golf is all about.  Our teaching philosophy in a nut shell.  We know what to fix in your swing and what to leave alone.

You could visit a PGA tour event, go to the driving range, and ask the tour players what they are working on.  You ask 100 different players, you might get about 60 different answers.
Some players are actually working on the same movement, but just attacking it from a different angle.  So, what they tell you might seem different, but it's probably not.

Please don't fall for the typical "swing theory" or magical method that will take you to the promise land of golf.  Not to say that some swing methods or theories haven't work for different players at different times in their career.  Let's face it, none of the pros can hang on to their best ball striking ability forever.  I consider this fact as part of the fun of the game.  How boring would it be if only one player kept winning week after week!