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Constant updates on new golf tips to improve your golf game! I post any new methods we used to resolve a specific golf swing fault. I'm always searching for a better way to communicate improvements in our student's golf games. As an added bonus we have golf comedy clips from our radio show on ESPN and tips for doing business while on the golf course. Golf is the game of business...start golf networking!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FREE Thursday Night Clinics!

Back by popular demand! (because enough of you guys out there complained until we couldn't take it anymore).  Non-Members can enjoy our Thursday night workshop lesson FREE, 45 minutes long.  Only the 6:30 PM workshop will be available to non-members.

To keep up with what the clinic topic is from week to week just visit our website and click on "FREE Golf Clinics" from the left side menu. The topic for June 21st is "Getting rid of that over the top down swing", for June 28th we will hold a competition from 50 to 80 yards out, hitting a target green and holding prizes for closest to the hole and total score.

We hold over 10 workshops per week for those who are members of our $19 per month UNLIMITED lesson membership where you can attend all the workshop lessons you wish!  We have workshop lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:15 AM  5 PM and 6:30 PM.  Sundays at 2:45 PM and 4:15 PM.  For details go to We also have double header, (1.5 hours long) workshops at Pendleton Golf Club on Saturdays.  Mostly covering short game.

Come on out to Patterson Golf & Sports Park at 12586 Patterson Ave, just east of 288, and bring your golf clubs and your smile. 

Watch a sample workshop below.  Part II and III is only available to members. The follow-up student practice portion of the workshop is below.


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