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Monday, July 23, 2012

Please, Adam Scott...Say It Isn't So!

Yes, once again, it is the mental part of this game that will jump up and bite you and especially in a major.  Maybe you noticed in the early part of the round Adam was putting very hesitant, leaving everything short.  As Vince Allen used to day, "he's already taking the gas!"  I would say, "the defensive team is on the field."

Golf is no different than any other sport.  A football team gets ahead 21-3 at half time and comes out in the second half playing conservative and looses 24-21.  (Cleveland Browns vs. Miami Dolphins) That is exactly what happened here.

How many times have we seen this scenario before.  How about the Shark, Greg Norman, when he lost the Masters with an eight stroke lead going into the last day.  Back in 1973 I was lucky enough to have the honor of spending an entire week with Jimmy Demeret.  He told me that whenever he would tighten up and get nervous he would just say to himself, "they can't electrocute me if I play bad so relax and let it rip."

Adam Scott would have played differently if he only had a one stroke lead going into the last day, believing he needed to make birdies.  He played not to loose from the beginning! With a swing like this, why gag on the greens?  See a swing analysis below.

Here's the tip of the day.  How you think, will control how you play!  In fact, Gary Player used to say, "the difference between good players and great players is the way they think."  Yes folks, it's only a game.  Don't feel too sorry for Adam, considering he just bought a Golfstream jet for about 25 million bucks.

You want pressure?  Try doing night patrol in Iraq in over 100 degree weather.  What if your credit cards are maxed to the limit and your kids are sick.  That's pressure!

When you're playing golf remember it's only a game.  There are far more important things in life.


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