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Friday, July 13, 2012

Golf Tip On The Proper Body Turn and Release

Here's a video we took yesterday of one of our favorite students.  Another great Hokie from Virginia.  John  has been working very hard on his golf swing and has come a long way since we first started.  He's getting to the finishing touches now and is only a split second off where he needs to be.

What we do cover here in this video is something that is not covered enough.  The plane of the shoulders vs. the hips at impact.  The shoulders are on a much steeper plane at impact than the hips.  Golfers tend to rotate their upper body on the same plane as the hips.  That's baseball! With golf, the ball is on the ground. 

Watch this video.  It may be an eye opener for you.  Visit our site for more tips and sample videos.  Our new website should be up and running by Wednesday, (cross your fingers) and will include even more videos to help your golf game.  Don't forget our new Unlimited lesson Program for $19 per month.  You can see the details on our website.


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