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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Golf Tips On Club Selection

Below is a video of our workshop lesson on golf club selection at Pendleton this last Saturday.  It's not as simple as, "what did you hit George?"

Here's the process you might want to consider:

1) You have to play with the same golf ball all the time!  Find a golf ball you like and can afford.  I prefer a golf ball that spins.  Please stay away from anything that claims to go straight.  Most of your scoring is from 80 yards and in and a no spin ball will run across the green and cost you more strokes than that slice in somebody's back yard you're worried about.

2) Find a time when the golf course is not busy to hit a few balls at a par three or go out to the driving range when it's not busy and use your exact golf ball and preferably have a friend stand out on the range and mark where the balls lands.  I would start out with something like an eight iron.  Maybe even a nine or pitching wedge.

3) Develop an even and consistent tempo to your swing.  Swinging too hard will cause inconsistencies in your distance control.  It's just as bad to be 30 feet short or past as it is to be 30 feet to the right or left.  As Nicklaus would say, "swing within yourself."

4) Check the lie angles and lofts on your golf clubs.  Each golf club should be exactly four degrees difference in loft.  Example, 5 iron 28 degrees loft a six iron 32 degrees of loft.  Faulty loft readings on your golf clubs will make it very difficult for you to be consistent in distance from club to club..

5) I take every opportunity to throttle back on speed, (take a four iron and swing easy rather than hit a five iron hard).  There is less chance of a poor contact with the ball at impact when you swing easy which effects your distance and spin control significantly.

Here's the video below in Part 1 and Part 2.



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