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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here's Some Tips For Rainy Day Golf

Although there were no lessons yesterday due to the weather it does remind me to give you a few tips from the tour on playing in bad weather. When I first played on the European tour I learned quickly that the British players were far more prepared than I was to play in bad weather. They're used to it.

Here's some of the things they would do. 1) They would take their golf gloves, (yes maybe 4 or 5) and hang them below the braces of the umbrella. This way they could alternate gloves constantly. 2) They would spray their umbrella with a scotch guard waterproof spray, 3) Their caddies would also have a towel stuff around the top of the bag so water wouldn't get down in their bag and get the grips wet. 4) They always had a second towel zipped up inside the golf bag 5) They never ever grounded the golf club at address. I notice amateurs I play with ground the golf club in wet weather and worse yet take a practice stroke brushing the grass which makes the club face wet. You want to keep the club face as dry and clean as you can before impact.

I hope these tips will help you in this wet weather.


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