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Thursday, June 18, 2009

How is the Economy Affecting Golf?

I can tell you one thing....there goes the $799 driver with all the exotic technology out the window. As the economy tightens consumers get smarter and that's my job as a PGA golf advise you properly so you are armed with the "correct" information on both golf clubs, golf courses and of course your golf game.

As far as golf clubs are concerned it is a buyer's market right now just like real estate. You see drivers that are only a year old in a barrel at almost any golf store for one third their original price. Did you know that Tiger was playing with a four year old driver head until just recently?

Golf courses are lowering their prices. Golf outings are down both in number of outings and their participation. Many private golf courses are offering memberships on a monthly basis without paying the up front initiation fee! Now is the time to negotiate a long term agreement if you think the golf course will survive the storm.

If you need help in negotiating or making a decision on anything that relates to golf just pop me off an email from my web site at

Take advantage of the low prices now and lock in for the future.

Bobby Lopez, PGA



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