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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Golf Landscape Has Changed Forever!

Tiger (and other younger golfers along with the golf club industry) have changed the game of golf forever. I dare say that if Lee Trevino were 25 years old today he could NOT make it BIG on tour. Why? Because he was a shot maker. In his day accuracy was at a premium. Tall rough at U.S. Opens had a devastating influence with a 3 iron in your hand. Today the kids have a nine iron into the green....BIG difference!

Of course the ball and the golf clubs made a significant contribution to this dilemma but also the conditions of the golf courses have changed. Belly putters with long flowing strokes. Smooth quick greens that roll true.

Watch one of those old films of the Shell's Wonderful World of Golf and see how the old boys use to pop the ball. It would hop along the bumpy green searching for an opening.

All this emphasis on the LONG BALL has taken its toll on golfer's wallets. They need to buy a new driver every year to keep up with the latest technology. Golf companies take advantage with $799 drivers that sell for only $249 a year later in a barrel.

One other area of concern is "Golf injury"? We never thought of golf injury in the early years or golf fitness either. The only thing we ever lifted when I played on tour was a 12 ounce can of Heineken, (I played in Europe).

All this emphasis on distance has tempted golfers to rip at the golf ball with all they've got landing them at their favorite health care professional’s office in grimace. There's an about the government offering free health care for golfers?


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