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Monday, March 14, 2011

Over Active Hands Can Create A Snap Hook

The end result is a snap hook. Let's work from there back. Hands are over active and violently release, or turn over, the golf club at impact. Well, what caused it? It most all cases it is the sliding of the body laterally on the down swing that causes your "need" to violently roll the hands or risk leaving the ball bailed out to the right.

I produced a video below that will explain this even further.

How do you alleviate such a result? First, you need to make sure you are behind the ball at the top of your back swing. The video will show this. Then you need to begin turning to the golf ball rather than sliding. The need to "transfer your weight" to your front foot is grossly over emphasized.

Clear your hips and extend your arms through impact. Here's a good drill you can try.
Clyde's Feet Together Stretch Drill - Get rid of the flips and the hip slide all in one.


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