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Monday, September 20, 2010

Are Lady Golfers Better Than the Guys?

Well, in some ways they have an advantage. Most lady golfers are generally more flexible and are more willing to rotate their body for power rather then using their arms or upper body exclusively.

Looking at several of them like I have, I definitely notice more shoulder turn among the lady pros. I've attached a sample video below of a lady pro golfer. The sad reality is that many of the recreational lady golfers do NOT take advantage of their flexibility because on day one, a well meaning golfer tells them to "keep your head down". Probably the most mis-understood statement in golf!

The true statement should be, "maintain your spine angle constant". The spine must remain steady as you turn your body however your head can move away from the ball...just stay level.

The back swing should feel somewhat like the coiling of a shot put thrower or discus throw. When you throw the shot put your head actually goes down because of the TILT!! Funny enough not many ladies do either sport! However, they instinctively realize that their arms can NOT carry the entire load so they will turn their body if instructed to do so.

One negative is they seem to have trouble hinging the golf club back for the same reason that their arms and wrists are not strong enough to take the load. Lighter graphite shafts might help.

Take a look at the video and send me your opinion,

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