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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Target is the Ball and the Center of Gravity of the Golf Club.

Many golfers make the mistake of thinking the target is the flag stick. You aim at and align yourself in the direction you wish the ball to start it's flight path on. If you're playing a fade you might be aimed and aligned left of the target, (right handers).

Once you get ready to swing the golf club forget your destination and concentrate on your "centeredness of hit". You have to make contact with the ball at the "center of gravity" of the golf club which in most cases is slightly inside of center on the club face. Golf clubs are different in design so you need to find out where the center of gravity is in your golf club.

I suggest using "face impact tape" so yo know exactly where you are making contact with the ball. You can buy impact tape at and should use some when you practice.


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