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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Read A Tip In A Golf Magazine Yesterday and It Ruined My Swing!!!!

Boy have I heard that one before. Here's the problem. When the golf magazine company asks a professional to write an article they do not offer any service to monitor if the tip is negative or has merit. In a lot of cases the tip has merit but just does not apply to your swing needs.

The only thing I've ever received in the way of instruction when writing an article for a magazine is the number of words. They will say something like, "you need to hold it to only 400 words." Makes sense. They have space to fill. Remember magazines are in the advertising business.

The best thing to do is this. If you're taking lessons with a PGA pro and I hope you are, make sure to bring the golf tip up to him/her first. Get their opinion. I like it when my students mention a tip they read. I want them to tell me so I can address it. It might be a great tip that I might want to use in the future or it might be the worst medicine for that golfer but good for another.

Be careful about chasing rabbits. Stick to the fundamentals of a good swing and you can't go wrong.


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