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Monday, March 13, 2006

Roll the Ball a Little Faster on Aeriated Greens

Having to aerate the greens is a necessary evil this time of year. The new technology available to superintendents today allows for faster recovery and a better surface to putt on until the grass heals. Generally some of the break is taken out of the putt, just slightly, and you should probably hit the ball a little harder especially if there is sand on the green.

Most of all don’t get upset and figure that your day is wasted because the greens are being aerated. You don’t necessarily have to turn in your score for handicapping purposes being the golf course was under maintenance. First off call the golf course to see if the greens were just aerated before you book your starting time. I would say a golf green that has been aerated three days ago is fine to play on. I've seen some, if the right equipment is available, that are fine to play on in hours!

Remember that the golf course has to do this maintenance or someday in the future you're going to be belly aching about the greens because they will be shaggy and in bad shape. Not only aeration but also “verticutting” are necessary and will go a long way to making the greens really enjoyable in the months to come.


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