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Constant updates on new golf tips to improve your golf game! I post any new methods we used to resolve a specific golf swing fault. I'm always searching for a better way to communicate improvements in our student's golf games. As an added bonus we have golf comedy clips from our radio show on ESPN and tips for doing business while on the golf course. Golf is the game of business...start golf networking!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Over the Net Golf Lessons with Video Analysis and Touring Pro Comparisons

I've put together the first of its kind "Over the Net" golf membership program. At Why, because time is becoming an influence in golf, time to play, time to practice. I think golfers need instructional ideas, (golf tips) and drills that they can do in their home or office with tangible results.Golf is the game of business and networking but you can't do business on the golf course if you stink. Nobody wants to make a fool out of themselves and loose the sale becasue of their bad golf game. Not to mention having a good time at playing golf themselves.

The golf drills and the manner in which I teach you to apply the golf drills can help beginning golfers as well as a seasoned touring proferssional. Having played on the tour myself I know what it takes to be confident on the golf course which comes from believing in your practice program.

I call my new membership the G-TEAM. For only $79 a year you will have two private lessons "Over the Net", unlimited access to all my lesson videos, drill videos, special reports, golf exams to test your skills and a special IsAAC golf stats tracking system that will measure your improvement and show you where you need the most help. You will also get an official USGA handicap so you can play in amateur tournaments around the world if you wish.Check it out at my web site

It's new and unique. I'll keep you abreast with new free tips and ideas on this blog so check back whenever you can. I would be honored if you would bookmark my blog and tell a friend while you're at it.

Bobby Lopez, PGA


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. said...

Bobby, I have heard you on ESPN Radio and look forward to your tips. I linked it to my Yahoo start up page so I won't miss a thing!


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